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How do you scan a QR code to see the augmented reality video in the card?

Basically, you scan our QR code with your smartphone. There are three ways to do this:

The easiest way is to open your smartphone camera and focus the camera with the QR code. CAUTION: Do not take a picture!!! Hold the camera steady on the QR code in the card. The camera will recognize the code after a few seconds and show you a link to click on. If you click on it, you are almost there. If you have an Android smartphone, you should take a closer look at this article if you have any questions.

Not all smartphone cameras can read a QR code. If your smartphone does not have this feature, you can alternatively enter the web address www.memtell.com/qr into your mobile web browser. On this mobile site we provide you with our own QR code scanner. Once you have opened the page, you can easily start scanning.

As a last option, you can also download an extra QR code app to your smartphone. Just go to the Google or Apple Store and search for "QR Code Scanner". Next, download the app, open it, and then scan the QR code in your greeting card.

Why doesn't Augmented Reality work with my smartphone? (Please always use Safari browser with iPhone or Chrome browser with Android).

You want to watch your video on your Memtell Card or you got a Memtell Card and want to watch your surprise message, but it doesn't work? Reasons could be:

1. you selected "Cancel" when your smartphone asked if our website is allowed to access your camera.

Solution iPhone: Go to your phone settings to the "Browser" section and make sure your browser is allowed to access your camera. Good job. Now return to our website, click "Launch again" and allow our website to access your camera.

Solution Android:

i. Tap on the three-dot menu to the right of the address bar.

ii. Select the information icon "i" at the very top of the menu

iii. Select "Website Settings

iv. Select "Delete & Reset

v. When you are done, select "Restart".

2. your browser or smartphone is not compatible

Solution iPhone: Make sure you are using Safari browser on iPhone. Also, make sure that you have the latest software on your smartphone. If it still doesn't work, unfortunately your smartphone can't play our Augmented Reality. You can still watch your surprise video by clicking on the "Do not show in Augmented Reality" link.

Solution Android: Make sure you are using the Chrome browser on Android. Also, make sure you have the latest software on your smartphone. If it still doesn't work, unfortunately your smartphone can't play our Augmented Reality. You can still watch your surprise video by clicking on the link "Do not show in Augmented Reality".

3. the marker (square above the QR code) in the greeting card must be focused with your camera:

Make sure the marker is close enough, fully visible, and in sharp focus.
If the lighting conditions in the room are way too dark or way too bright (you're standing directly under a lamp), you may sometimes have trouble viewing the Augmented Reality.
Press the play button below to start the video.
Stay over the marker with your smartphone camera until the video is fully played. Activate the sound on your smartphone.
Try using the Chrome browser on Android or the Safari browser on iPhone.
Go to your phone settings and allow camera access on your browser.
Make sure your phone software is up to date.

What does Augmented Reality mean?

In relation to our greeting cards, it means that we bring your greeting card to life with your video in 3D on your smartphone. This video only appears when you hold your smartphone over the marker (square above the QR code) on the printed card. We call this effect "Augmented Reality", because printed paper and digital medium merge into one and are displayed in 3D as a new reality. The Memtell app also adds great 3D animations to your video, such as snowflakes, flowers, hearts or confetti. These provide another great surprise effect.

Can the Memtell Cards also be sent to older people who are not so familiar with smartphones?

Absolutely! We have developed the Memtell Cards to be as user-friendly as possible. This means that the recipient of your card doesn't have to download an extra app to see your video in augmented reality. This is unique in the market. All the recipient has to do is scan the QR code inside the card (simple instructions are on the back of the cards) and click to allow "camera access". Now, when the recipient holds the smartphone over the marker in the card, he/she will be amazed.

Do I need to download an app to use Memtell?

That depends on whether you are the sender or the recipient of a Memtell Card. If you are the sender, have purchased a Memtell Card and now want to link a surprise video to the card, you will need to download the Memtell App to do so. Simply scan the QR code in your card and you will automatically be directed to the Memtell App in the App Store. Here you can download the Memtell app (make sure you're on the wifi network so it doesn't use up too much of your data allowance when downloading).

However, the person receiving your card does not need to download an app to see your surprise video. They just have to scan the QR code in your card with their smartphone and allow camera access with one click. She'll see your video in 3D. Simple and super easy!

What smartphone must the recipient have to see the video?

Anyone with a smartphone can watch your surprise video linked to the Memtell Card. All devices from iOS 11 and Android 5.0 can even play your video in Augmented Reality. The prerequisite for this is that Safari (iPhone) or Chrome (Android) is used as the browser.

What can I do with the Memtell app?

You use the Memtell App to link your videos with your Memtell Cards. Your videos are stored in the app. You can also see if the recipient of your card has retrieved your video. If you receive a Memtell Card as a gift, you can download the app to save your personal surprise video forever.

Very important: In order to use the Memtell app to its full potential, it is very important that you allow the Memtell app to access all your photos, your camera and your microphone. In your smartphone "Settings" navigate to "Memtell" and activate the appropriate settings!

With the Memtell app It's not only possible to upload and link a video but also to create link a slideshow video with photos of you and your loved ones  (e.g. from your childhood or a wedding).

Will the Memtell App work even if I don't have a Memtell Card?

The Memtell App only brings you added value if you have purchased a Memtell Card. Once you have a Memtell Card, you can use the app to link a personal video to the card. This way, you're giving away an even more personalized surprise mail.

Which smartphones does the Memtell app work on?

The Memtell app works on all iPhones from the operating system IOS 9.3 and on all Android devices from the Android operating system 8.0. In the settings of your smartphone you can check which operating system is installed on your smartphone and update accordingly. Here you can find out how to find out which operating system is installed on your Android smartphone. Here you can find out which iPhone version supports the operating system IOS 9.3.

What format should the video have that I link to the Memtell Card?

We definitely recommend using videos in a portrait (vertical) format!!! This is the natural format of a smartphone screen. Videos in portrait are played out fully and are the most beautiful to look at. The format also fits perfectly with the format of the Memtell Card. It is still possible to use a video in a horizontal format. However, the video will be displayed smaller than a video in portrait format. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to record and use videos for the Memtell Cards in portrait format!

Oops, why can't I upload or record a video in the app?

If the app won't let you upload a video, then the app doesn't have permission to access your videos. In order for the Memtell app to work properly, it is very important that you give the app permission in your smartphone settings. To do this, simply go to the "Settings" of your smartphone and select the "Memtell" section. There you allow access to "All Photos" which also allows access to your videos.

If you want to use the Memtell app to record your video, then it is also mandatory that you give the app permission to access your camera. Go to your "Settings" as described above, then to "Memtell" and enable camera access.

What is the maximum length of the video?

The length of the video on a Memtell Card is limited to 2 minutes.


How long will the video be stored on the card?

We offer our users 3 options:

Use the app for free: videos will be linked to the card online for 3 months.

Upgrade to 12 months: pay 2.95€ once to link the videos online to the card for 12 months

Memtell Premium Subscription: Subscribe for €1.95 per month, create and store up to 10GB of videos. Videos are available online for the duration of the subscription.


How can I add 3D animations to my video?

The 3D animations are automatically added to the video once the video is uploaded to the Memtell app and linked to a card. 

How do I link my video to the card now?

There are 2 possibilities:

1. Start with the QR code in the card:

You have scanned the QR code in the card you want to give away. Now you will be automatically redirected to the Memtell app. The app will ask you to upload (or record) your video. Follow the next steps. Done. A red "congratulations" message will appear and you can now test your card. When you click "next", the QR code scanner integrated in the app will open automatically. Hold it over the card (click go), allow camera and watch your uploaded video with great Augmented Reality effect!

2. Start uploading the video in the app:

You upload a video in the app and now you want to link it to the card. You start by clicking on the big + sign in the app and follow the steps. When the video is uploaded, click on "Link to card now". The QR code scanner of the app will open automatically. Now you just have to scan the QR code of the card you want to link the video to. Volia! Click "Test card" and again the QR code scanner will open. Now you can scan the QR code of the card again (click "Go"), allow the camera and you will see the great result.

Oops, I see a white screen with four yellow corners when I click on "Link card", but I can't scan anything!

If you click on Link card and see a white screen, then you have not allowed the Memtell app to access your camera. For the Memtell app to work properly, it is very important that you navigate to "Memtell" under your "Settings" and allow access to your camera. If camera access is not allowed, you will not be able to use the QR code scanner built into the app and thus will not be able to link a video to a card.

How can I see if my video is linked to the card?

When a video is linked to a card, the small icon below the video in the Memtell app changes. Be sure to test your card before you give it away and see your results.

How can I test my video on the card?

Congratulations, you have successfully uploaded your video to the Memtell app and linked it to your card. Now you want to see what the result looks like? Just test your card's QR code by scanning the QR code in your card and allowing camera access to your browser. You should now be able to see your surprise video with lovely animations in 3D. To do this, hold your smartphone camera over the marker (square) on the inside left of your card. The person to whom you give your card will see it in the same way.

Can I link a video to multiple cards?

You can also link a video to multiple cards. For example, if you want to send a wedding invitation with video to family and friends, or a birth card with a video of your newborn. You can link up to 999 cards with one video ;)

How can I delete my video from the card again or exchange it with another video?

You can easily delete a video from a card or exchange it with a new video by selecting the video you want to delete or change in the Memtell app. Then simply click on the "edit" icon in the top right corner and delete or swap your video. ATTENTION: When you delete a video, it will be deleted forever on all Memtell Cards you have linked with that video.

Can the recipient save my video from the Memtell Card on his/her smartphone?

Yes he/she can. However, in order for the recipient to save the video, he/she must first download the Memtell App and register. Once this is done, the recipient will see the video in the app and can also save it directly to his/her smartphone.

How can I see if a sent Memtell Card has been opened and the video has been seen?

You have sent a Memtell Card and are curious when your surprise video has finally been seen by the recipient? The Memtell App notifies you when your video has been seen. As soon as it has been seen, the icon below your video in the app will change. Also, when you select your video in the app, the "Activity" section under the video tells you the current status. Once the video has been seen by the recipient, the activity area shows "Memtell seen" and the date and time.

What does the recipient need to do to see the video on the card?

The recipient only needs your card, a smartphone and an internet connection to see your surprise video. He/she scans the QR code in the card with the smartphone, allows access to the camera with a click and holds the camera over the square marker. Your surprise message appears with great animations in 3D. Now he/she just has to press the play button to play your video.

Does the recipient need to download the Memtell app to watch my video?

No, to see the surprise video in Augmented Reality, the recipient does not need to download an app.

If you have any further questions about the Memtell Cards, please email us at info@memtell.com or whatsapp +491633125757.

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