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Record, save and share stories of memories that give you, your family and your friends strength and happiness.

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Surprise someone you love with positive and meaningful memories.

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Document and save important stories for yourself, family, friends and future generations.

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Memtell helps you to share memories in the most surprising and unique way.

Unique Memory Videos

The perfect birthday, mothersdays or anniversary gift! Goosebumps guaranteed. Create and share unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Simply download the Memtell app and create an unforgettable memory slideshow. You can even share your slideshow video with a greeting card.

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"We were in quarantine for Christmas, so we were looking for a special gift idea. My children's grandparents had tears in their eyes when they received the cards with the personal video message from their grandchildren."
Kathrin S.

"The Memtell app is beautifully laid out and colourful. Super easy to use and beautifully designed greeting cards! My grandparents were really happy about the special greetings at christmas!"
Kathrin P.

"Especially at this time it is nice to surprise friends you haven't seen for a long time with a funny video and thus to be a little closer together!"
Ramona M.

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